Custom 2WD Tractor with a Cummins V12

Honey Bee custom 2WD Tractor with a Cummins V12

Greg and Glenn Honey are the founders of Honey Bee Manufacturing, a company in Frontier, Saskatchewan, Canada that produces farm equipment. Before the brothers made a name for themselves building swathers, they built their own 2WD tractor on their farm in 1979. They started with a custom chassis made from 2-inch plate steel . Each … Read more

Fahr M44 Super Combine with a Twin-Turbo Cadillac V8

Fahr M44 Super Combine with a Twin-Turbo Cadillac V8

This 1967 Fahr M44 Super combine was built by Raine Savioja and Petri Plosila from Kurikka, Finland. The team installed a 500 ci V8, Turbo 425 three-speed automatic transmission, and front frame from a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado into the 1500-2000 kg (3306-4409 lb) combine. They boosted the engine’s output to 400-500 horsepower with a pair … Read more

1951 Ford Tractor with a Flathead V8

1951 Ford Tractor With A 8BA Flathead V8

This 1951 Ford 8N tractor is powered by a Ford Flathead V8 that makes 100 horsepower. It was built with a Awesome Henry kit, which are used to swap early 1950’s Ford Flathead V8s into any Ford N-series tractor. The tractor looks so good, it would be hard to use it. Source: Alex R via … Read more

JCB Backhoe GT Has A Supercharged V8

Labeled the fastest backhoe in the world, JCB Construction’s Backhoe GT is powered by a 1,000 horsepower supercharged big-block Chevy V8. The vehicle is capable of reaching 120 mph but only needed 70 mph (116.8 kph) to break the record in Australia. To help reduce weight the loader and digger is made out of aluminium … Read more