Custom Wheel Horse Mower with a Honda Motorcycle Engine

Wheel Horse Mower with a Honda CBR1000 motorcycle engine

Danny Key races a very fast custom Wheel Horse garden tractor built at his company Key Services in the UK. The wild vehicle starts with a custom tubular chassis with disc brakes, aluminum race seat, and wheelie bars. Power is generated by a 90’s Honda CBR1000 inline-four running on VP race fuel with 2-into-1 straight … Read more

Custom 2WD Tractor with a Cummins V12

Honey Bee custom 2WD Tractor with a Cummins V12

Greg and Glenn Honey are the founders of Honey Bee Manufacturing, a company in Frontier, Saskatchewan, Canada that produces farm equipment. Before the brothers made a name for themselves building swathers, they built their own 2WD tractor on their farm in 1979. They started with a custom chassis made from 2-inch plate steel . Each … Read more

Fahr M44 Super Combine with a Twin-Turbo Cadillac V8

Fahr M44 Super Combine with a Twin-Turbo Cadillac V8

This 1967 Fahr M44 Super combine was built by Raine Savioja and Petri Plosila from Kurikka, Finland. The team installed a 500 ci V8, Turbo 425 three-speed automatic transmission, and front frame from a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado into the 1500-2000 kg (3306-4409 lb) combine. They boosted the engine’s output to 400-500 horsepower with a pair … Read more

1951 Ford Tractor with a Flathead V8

1951 Ford Tractor With A 8BA Flathead V8

This 1951 Ford 8N tractor is powered by a Ford Flathead V8 that makes 100 horsepower. It was built with a Awesome Henry kit, which are used to swap early 1950’s Ford Flathead V8s into any Ford N-series tractor. The tractor looks so good, it would be hard to use it. Source: Alex R via … Read more