Foxbody Mustang with a Turbo K20

Foxbody Mustang with a turbo Honda K20 inline-four

Richard Swan is building his Foxbody Mustang for the street and track. While that isn’t particular unusual, his method is. The engine is a Honda 2.0 L K20Z3 inline-four featuring a Holset HX35 turbocharger and custom intake and exhaust manifolds. Power will be sent to the rear wheels through a Miata five-speed manual transmission and Nissan S14 differential. The Mustang rides on a independent rear suspension using a custom rear subframe and 240SX spindles, control arms, and axles. We’re excited to see how the project progresses.

Foxbody Mustang with a turbo Honda K20 inline-four

Foxbody Mustang with a turbo Honda K20 inline-four

Source: Richard Swan and Jason Bowman


  1. Jeff3864

    “miata 5spd transmission” I’m assuming he is using the kmiata kit, but that transmission is going to limit him to about 200ftlbs I wonder if the bmw trans kit kmiata makes couod have worked, because while miata 5 speeds feel great, they are as weak as glass. If he has it set up for the miata shifter, the kit they make should let it bolt up. Would also save weight depending on which of the compatable bmw trannies.

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