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2004 Monte Carlo with a Turbo LS4 Goes 10.3 sec

2004 Monte Carlo Intimidator with a turbo LS4 V8

Earlier this year Brandon Furches‘ 2004 Monte Carlo SS Intimidator visited the dyno and made 784 hp and 718 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. Months later he drove the 3750 lb car 140 miles to Lebanon Valley Dragway and went 10.36 sec at 137 mph. The car’s powertrain features a turbocharged LS4 V8 with stock crank, rods, pistons, block, heads and stock 4T80E automatic transmission. You can read more details of the project in Hot Rod’s article.

Source: LS4 King FB page and Furches Performance

6 thoughts on “2004 Monte Carlo with a Turbo LS4 Goes 10.3 sec”

  1. Hi i own a 2000 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 how can I put mor power in the car can you give me suggestions plis thank you very much may name is Guillermo

  2. Hi I have a 2003 monte as I am having real big problem my wiring harness got down in fan belt put wires back still no signal to computer can you please recommend what to do

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