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Nissan R32 Skyline with a Turbo 13B Two-Rotor

Nissan R32 Skyline with a turbo 13B two-rotor

Jon Sowden built this Nissan R32 Skyline at his company Strange Workshop in New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand about eight years ago. Back then it was powered by a second gen (FC) 13B two-rotor with two Garret turbochargers. Jon purchased the car back from the owner in 2017. Since then he’s replaced the engine with a third gen (FD) 13B two-rotor and single MSE 68/68 turbocharger built by Steve Murch. The new engine features large extend port and bridgeport, Strange Workshop manifold, Rotary Aviation apex seals, and Link G4+ Xtreme ECU. Jon also built a custom 4-inch oval stainless steel exhaust for the Skyline. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a Tremec TKO 500 five-speed manual with a Quarter Master twin-plate clutch and custom flywheel, modified driveshaft, and R32 shimmed differential. You can view more photos of the build in project’s FB album.

Nissan R32 Skyline with a turbo 13B two-rotor

Source: Strange Workshop FB page

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