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AWD Golf Mk1 with a 700+ hp 1.8T Inline-Four

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AWD Golf Mk1 with a turbo 1.8T inline-four

Samir Lukac and his AWD Golf Mk1 attended VW Action Show 2019 at Santa Pod Raceway and went 9.322 sec at 155.75 mph. The Golf is powered by a turbocharged 1.8T inline-four capable of 766 hp or about 850 hp with nitrous. On the dyno at Volks Workshop it made 713 horsepower and 579 lb-ft at 2.1 bar (30.4 psi) of boost before stopping early because of issues. The engine features a Eurospec stroker billet crank and girdle kit, Pauter connecting rods, JE pistons, Precision PT6766 turbocharger, and Nira Motorsport ECU. It’s topped with a port/polished head, Ferrea valvetrain, and Integrated Engineering Strip camshafts. The E85 fuel is fed through Grams 2200 cc injectors from a Holley Red lift pump and two Bar Motorsports 044 pumps. Power is sent to all four wheels through a Don Octane six-speed dogbox with triple-plate clutch, custom driveshaft, and Quaife differential.

Source: VeeDubRacing and Volks Workshop

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