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VW Jetta with 14 Cylinders

VW VR6 and W8 badges on back of twin-engine Jetta

It can be difficult to stuff 14 cylinders into a Jetta. That’s why this smart builder decided to split it up with six up front and eight in the back. The front wheels are driven by a VR6 engine while the rear wheels are driven by a turbocharged W8. Both are connected via their throttles. The front motor runs a manual five-speed while the rear motor runs an automatic five-speed.

VW W8 engine in the back of a Jetta

VW VR6 engine in the front of a Jetta

If this isn’t crazy enough for you, he is also building a Passat with a W8 and a W12, for a total of 20 cylinders of VW madness.

Source: VWVortex via OppositeLock Link 1 and Link 2

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  1. Hey does anyone know what engine i can put in my vw jetta 2011 it has a 2.0L L4 SIFI DOHC 16V i want to know what will fit in it

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