VW Jetta with a GSX-R1000 Engine

VW Jetta with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 inline-four

The guys that brought you an Audi A6 with a W12 and a Jetta with a VR6 and W8 just debuted their newest creation; a Jetta powered by a motorcycle engine. This fourth generation Jetta is now powered by a 1000 cc inline-four from a 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000. The engine produces about 164 horsepower and … Read more

Twin Engine VW Jetta Plays in the Snow

Twin engine VW Jetta with VR6 and W8 motors

Punchbuggies Racing took its twin engine Jetta Mk4 to play in the snow. The Jetta’s front wheels are powered by a VR6 while the rear wheels are powered by a turbocharged W8. For more photos and videos of the car running in dry weather please visit our previous article. Source: Punchbuggies Racing

VW Jetta with 14 Cylinders

It can be difficult to stuff 14 cylinders into a Jetta. That’s why this smart builder decided to split it up with six up front and eight in the back. The front wheels are driven by a VR6 engine while the rear wheels are driven by a turbocharged W8. Both are connected via their throttles. … Read more