Turbo Viper Powered Mustang

Twin turbocharged Viper Mustang

Sometimes someone takes it apon themselves to push the bar and I think CobraScott over at TurboForums has done so. Taking two turbochargers, the plumbing, a Viper 8.0L V10 and stuffing all that into a 1994 Mustang Cobra is a hell of a trick. Of course it would be impossible to fit all that without doing some modification. The firewall was pushed back 10 inches (you can almost check the oil level from inside), custom k-member, custom control arms and custom transmission mounts. Upgraded brakes, upgraded coilovers, and a 10 point cage was added to comfort the driver before the accelerator is pressed. There is no telling what kind of numbers this car could put up. Twin turbocharged Viper engines have been known to hit 1,000 hp.

Viper Engine

Turbocharged Viper Powered Mustang

Source: TurboForums via Mustang Authority via Jalopnik



    Even though a 4.6l supercharged motor with a couple gt35r turbos on it is well enough to ruin any tires you put on the back, this is pretty impressive. what size turbos are on the viper engine? what are you doing as a front subframe? any oil sump issues? and how is that firewall going to do for interior space?

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