Project Reactor: 1967 Fastback Mustang

Project Reactor 1967 Mustang

What does 2000+ man hours of work get you? Well if a unique car is what you are after it gets you Project Reactor; a totally custom 1967 Fastback Mustang. Just about everything on this car is custom. The engine is a ROUSH 427 IR crate engine with custom dual throttle bodies producing 552 horsepower and 535 lb.-ft. torque. Lowered stance is provided by an Air Ride bag system with 19×8 front and 19×11 rear wheels from I-Forged. The paint has an usual green tone called Chernobyl Green mixed by BASF.

Back 1967 Mustang

RingBrothers built this car for the 2007 Good Guys Street Machine of the Year and they took away first prize. If you are really interested in reading more details Scott Killeen has choosen to make a book detailing all the steps it took to create such a great car.

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