VAZ-2110 with a Turbo Three-Rotor Goes 8.41 sec

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VAZ-2110 with a Turbo three-rotor

Last year we shared Elshan Aslanov (Асланов Эльшан) unique VAZ-2110 (Lada 110) built to drag race. Over the summer Elshan and his Lukoil Racing Team set a new personal best of 8.413 sec at 301.38 km/h (187.26 mph). The car is powered by a turbocharged 1962 cc three-rotor making 1300 horsepower mated to a four-speed sequential transmission. Watch the record run below or view more photos/videos in our previous article.

Source: Асланов Эльшан FB profile, LUKOIL Racing FB page, and SMP RDRC

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