Rod Millen’s Celica with a 850 hp Turbo TRD Inline-Four

Rod Millen Celica with a 850 hp Turbo TRD 503E Inline-Four

In 1994 Rod Millen piloted his custom Toyota Celica GT up an all-dirt Pikes Peak and set a record of 10:04.060. The 885 kg (1950 lb) race car features a tube chassis and carbon fiber body with the only stock part being the windshield. It’s powered by a turbocharged 2.1 L TRD inline-four used in All American Racers’ Eagle HF89 and Eagle MkIII race cars. The engine which goes by many names (503E, 3S-G, or 3S-GTM) reportedly made 850 horsepower and 1100 lb-ft of torque in the Celica and sends it to all four wheels through a 4WD drivetrain.

Source: TRD USA, HillClimb Monsters, and 19Bozzy92

4 thoughts on “Rod Millen’s Celica with a 850 hp Turbo TRD Inline-Four”

  1. Bit of a stretch to call this a “swap” 😛 Basically a sport prototype that looked somewhat similar to a Celica, sharing not a single part with it. Can’t even tell where it had its engine, in the front or at the back? Driver position tells me front-midships?

      1. Did you write about the Hyundai PM580 yet? That LMP Hyundai (had) built solely to tackle Pikes Peak? A mere footnote regarding Pikes Peak, but totally bonkers in its own right. MotoIQ did a great article on it.

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