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New Age Hotrods’ 1995 BMW M3 with Supercharged LS6

New Age Hotrods 1995 BMW M3 with Supercharged LS6

Joe over at New Age Hotrods has built a blueprinted supercharged LS6 BMW M3 and 6 speed to show off their kit. The current setup is running 5 psi pulley right now with an estimated 520 hp with plans on upgrading soon to a 12 psi pulley which should deliver around 700 hp. They plan on dyno testing the car soon to get exact numbers. To make sure their kit and swap are able to hold up, they have been road testing the M3 for over a year. Along with looking good this car has won awards for best engine and BMW at two FMF car shows. Gallery Link.

New Age Hotrods 1995 BMW M3 with Supercharged LS6

The kit sells for $6,140 or a complete installation for $12,670.
Kit includes:

  • Engine mounts
  • Transmission mount
  • Driveshaft
  • Modified clutch master cylinder and mount
  • Complete custom built all aluminum overflow and radiator with electric fan
  • Upper and Lower radiator hoses
  • Heater hoses
  • Coolant bypass valve mount
  • Throttle and cruise cable (must be cut to length)
  • Bmw temp sensor
  • Full mandrel bent header pipes with collecters and V-band connections (req. welding)
  • Bmw custom splined steering joints with slip shaft
  • Fuel pump and filter with mounting hardware
  • CNC machined shifter and handle
  • Entire Urethane Sub frame Bushing Set
  • Differential machined solid aluminum bushing
  • LS engine/Bmw harness rework done by New Age Hotrods

Other additions offered. Check website for details.

The company is three years old and is working on a new 3000 sqft expansion due to be finished in September. Future kits planned are a E46 and 5 Series with a stock LS6 and twin turbo kits.

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  1. I have seen the work that comes out of the new age hotrods garage, it is absolutely amazing, very top notch, and I can with out a doubt say that not many places pay anywheres near as much attention to detail as these guys do

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