Ryan Tuerck’s Supra with a Judd V10 Update

Ryan Tuerck Supra Mk5 with a 4.0 L Judd V10

Ryan Tuerck continues working on his ultimate Supra for drifting, time attack, and hill climb. In these updates Dom from Dominant Engineering and Ryan visit Stephan Papadakis at Papadakis Racing to get the back of the 4.0 L Judd GV4 V10 scanned. The data will used by OMD Sand Diego to make a custom adapter plate that will work with a Hollinger RD6 six-speed sequential transmission and LSx bellhousing. They also modify the Supra’s rear subframe for a Ford 8.8 inch rear end and fabricate a set of motor mounts.

Ryan Tuerck Supra Mk5 with a 4.0 L Judd V10

Source: Ryan Tuerck

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