1,000 HP Supra Powered Camaro

1967 Camaro with 1000 HP 2JZ EVS Motors

EVS Motors is building a 2JZ-GTE powered 1967 Camaro. They hope for 1K HP and there are no shortage of 2JZ Supras running around with this level of power. Other specs include 6 Speed Getrag Manual Transmission, Custom Made High Performance Driveshaft, Currie Rear End, RPS Turbo Clutch, and lots of shinning chrome under the hood. People have no shortage of opinions about Japanese power in American bodies and vice versa. Which is made apparent from the 200 reply posts about this build on the forum. I am sure many of our readers have opinions on this type of swap as well. We welcome your thoughts.

1967 Camaro with 1000 HP 2JZ EVS Motors

Source: EVS Motors Facebook gallery via Chromjuwelen.com

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