Sprint Car V8 Build, Dyno, and Install

Speedway Motors 410 Spring Car V8

A year ago Speedway Motors built a 410 Sprint Car in partnership with National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum. The company turned to engine builder Zach Woods to assemble a high-revving V8 for the race car. The motor starts with a Donovan aluminum 410 block with a Callies Magnum XL crank, Dyers connecting rods, CP pistons, and Huggins camshaft. He then tops the motor with 1Way Technologies Type 60 heads and Isky Red-Zone EZ-Roll lifters, T&D steel rocker arms, Trend pushrods, Manley titanium valves and Super Finish springs, and Kinsler SBC Beast intake manifolds. The engine made 949 horsepower at 7200 rpm and 729 lb-ft of torque at 5700 rpm.

Source: Speedway Motors via BangShift

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