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Twin-Engine Pontiac Grand Prix Update

Turbo Dynamics Twin-engine race car

The guys at Turbo Dynamics continue to work on their twin-engine race car. We have covered this project before when it was still resembled a Pontiac Grand Prix and when the group decided to build it into a race car. Most of the work focuses on getting the power to the ground. The boost is set to come on slower and the builder estimates 60% of the front engine and 70% in the rear engine’s total power is reaching the ground.

The with some tweaking and raising the boost they went back out and 8.42 second quarter-mile pass. They also hit the speed limiter at the end of the run which is keeping the time down as well.

After changing the wheel pattern to accept larger race slicks they are hoping for a 7 second quarter-mile pass at around 175 mph. With 1,300 horsepower the race car is estimated to be reaching 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds.

Turbo Dynamics Twin-engine race car

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Source: Turbo Dynamics Canada Facebook page via Bangshift

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