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Chevy Truck with a 14.2 L Semi Truck V8

Chevy Truck with 14.2 L Scania Semi Truck Diesel V8

This Chevy pickup was filmed at Power Big Meet 2015 in Västerås, Sweden. The truck was built in Finland and is powered by a 14.2 L Scania 142 turbo diesel V8 connected to a ten-speed transmission. The engine produces 400 horsepower and 1,500 nm (1106 lb-ft) of torque. The axles are sourced from a Mercedes truck and the body has been widened 30 cm (11.8 in). Everything sits on a custom chassis. If anyone knows more about this truck please contact us or leave a comment.

Chevy Truck with 14.2 L Scania Semi Truck Diesel V8

Update: I found another video (Facebook video) and a picture before it was painted via

Source: Sportbilen Youtube channel

3 thoughts on “Chevy Truck with a 14.2 L Semi Truck V8”

  1. Tervehdys!
    Olen Ukkometson rakentaja sekä omistaja. Jos tarvitsette tietoja autostani niin autan mielelläni!

    1. Thank you for contacting me. I sent you an email but I will include what I said in case the email doesn’t reach you.

      Could you explain a little bit more about the truck?
      Why did you choose that particular engine?
      Do you have any more photos?

  2. A rig engine won’t fit under the hood of a pickup. They are tall. It’s not in the bed of the pickup in the photo. Where is it then. Lol.

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