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AWD Golf with a Turbo VR6 Goes 8.79 sec

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Turbotechnik Konne Golf Mk2 with a turbo VR6

TTK Turbotechnik Konne and their Mk2 Golf race car traveled to Zerbst, Germany for quarter-mile racing. While there they went 8.873 sec at 262 km/h (162 mph) and 8.790 sec at 279 km/h (173 mph). Under the bright yellow car’s hood is a turbocharged 3.0 L VR6 capable of 1247 horsepower on 2 bar (29 psi) of boost. The engine features forged internals, Aviaid dry sump system, and Garrett GTX55 turbocharger. Power is sent to all four Hoosier slicks thanks to a Quaife QKE6V five-speed sequential transmission and 4Motion drivetrain.

Turbotechnik Konne Golf Mk2 with a turbo VR6

Source: TTK Performance

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