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BMW E36 with a Turbo Volvo Inline-Five on Dyno

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BMW E36 with a turbo Volvo B5244S4 inline-five on the dyno

Dyno Channel brought their BMW E36 to Engdahl Motorsport for a dyno tune. The car was built by both using a turbocharged Volvo B5244S4 inline-five (stock internals), 330d ZF transmission, and E34 differential. Their original goal was to make around 400 whp and they ended the dyno session making 465 whp (not in video) on 1.4 bar (20.3 psi) of boost.

turbocharged Volvo B5244S4 inline-five in a BMW E36 on the dyno

Source: Dyno Channel and @dyno_channel

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