BMW F22 with a 850 hp Twin-Turbo LSX V8 Drifts

  • F22

Marcin Gałat Batman's BMW F22 with a Twin-Turbo LSX V8 built by MGarage Motorsport

Marcin Gałat Batman has been drifting his BMW F22 at events in Poland. The car was built by MGarage Motorsport with a twin-turbo LSX376-B15 V8 that made 850 hp and 1100 Nm (811 lb-ft) of torque on 98 octane fuel. The drivetrain features a BMW ZF GS6-53DZ six-speed manual transmission using a PMC Motorsports adapter and Winters quick-change rear end. Watch Marcin testing the car below.

Source: Marcin Gałat Batman FB page and MGarage Motorsport FB page via Piotr

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