Two BMWs with 2JZ Supra Engines

BWM E39 sedan with 2JZ swap

Built by E-Shift Performance in New Jersey, this BMW E39 M5 sedan is powered by a single turbo 2JZ Toyota Supra engine. E-Shift Performance also built the other BMW swap which can be seen in the link below. There are a lot of comments over at Speedhunters. Most of the comments are… well negative.

2JZ single turbo in BWM E39 engine bay

Source: Speedhunters


  1. Tyrone Winn

    i think the swap is an awesome idea and want to know if the 2jz will mount to the getrag thats already in my 540i

  2. JassQat

    Hi, Is there any swap kit ready as Bolt on Kit and do it you your self such as motor mounts and trans etc??? If yes, who does it???


  3. While the 2JZ is a nice motor in its class, a BMW is a whole other class of automobile, and it is a sacrilege to disgrace such a fine European automobile with this ricer powerplant.

  4. Tbo

    Very nice indeed!
    Yes bmw is a different class, but the 2jz can achieve sililar and more ppower than the m5 motor with half the complications, and more reliability. The german motors can’t beat the jap motors on simple efective disighn.
    I’m a bmw fan big time, but after concidering to turbo my m52 motor the 2j just is a FAR better option.
    Great job to e-shift!

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