BMW E39 with a Turbo 4.8 L Inline-Six

BMW E39 with a turbo 4.8 L TB48 inline-six

BMW produced the 5-Series E39 with many engine options and the largest being the M5 model’s 4.9 L S62 V8. This BMW 528i in Melbourne, Australia has almost the same displacement with less cylinders. Under the hood sits a 4.8 L TB48DE inline-six from a Nissan Patrol Y61. These engines produce 248 hp (185 kW) … Read more


BMW E39 M5 with a 3.4 L 2JZ

2000 BMW E39 M5 with a 3.4 L 2JZ

Matt Farah really enjoyed driving this very powerful 2000 BMW E39 M5. The project started when the current owner purchased the M5 with a swapped 2JZ inline-six. He then took it to Technica Motorsports in Atlanta, Georgia to rebuild the 2JZ with a 3.4 L stroker kit, upgraded internals and a large Garrett GTX 4508R … Read more

1999 BMW 528 Wagon with a LSX 427

The BMW E39 series came with very wide variety of engines. There were 14 different inline-six and five different V8 engines that found their way into the E39 chassis. This 1999 BMW 525it wagon was a custom order from BMW with Mojave metallic brown paint. The owner removed the stock motor, transmission and suspension for … Read more

Two BMWs with 2JZ Supra Engines

Built by E-Shift Performance in New Jersey, this BMW E39 M5 sedan is powered by a single turbo 2JZ Toyota Supra engine. E-Shift Performance also built the other BMW swap which can be seen in the link below. There are a lot of comments over at Speedhunters. Most of the comments are… well negative. Source: … Read more