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AWD Supra with a Twin-Turbo 1GZ V12 Makes 946 hp on Dyno

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Toyota Supra with a Twin-turbo 1GZ V12

Mike from Speed Force Racing and his unique AWD Supra visited DardanTuned for a dyno tune. In the engine bay sits a turbocharged Toyota 1GZ V12 from a specially built 2012 Toyota Crown Majesta. Mike upgraded his motor with bigger valve springs, camshafts, and a lot of custom titanium piping from Tim Richards at Speed Force Racing. On 91 octane fuel and 18 psi of boost, it made 946 horsepower and 817 lb-ft of torque to the hubs. The next video will show what the motor is capable of on E85 fuel and more boost. The rest of the powertrain consists of a Nissan V·Spec II transmission and transfer case, R35 Nismo front diff, and built Supra rear diff. If you are interested in converting your Supra Mk4 to AWD, Mike sells a kit that works with a Supra with 2JZ.

Source: DardanTuned

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