Project Erubisu: R34 Skyline with a VR38DETT – Part 1

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Project Erubisu R34 Skyline with a VR38DETT - Part 1

MotiveDVD is starting a new project called Erubisu (Japanese for Elvis) and documenting the process as they go. The project involves installing a VR38DETT from an R35 into a R34 Skyline V-Spec. The engine swap was performed by Brintech Customs. The 3.8 L V6 will be upgraded to handle two Garrett GTX3582R turbochargers and 1,200+ horsepower. Although it is being built to be a street car with a full interior, it will include everything needed to hold that power like upgraded suspension and brakes. Below is part 1 of the series and goes over the introduction of the build.

Project Erubisu R34 Skyline with a VR38DETT - Part 1

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