Project Erubisu: R34 Skyline with a VR38DETT – Part 5

Project Erubisu R34 Skyline with a VR38DETT - Part 5 - at Powercruise

MotiveDVD just released part 5 of their Project Erubisu (Japanese for Elvis) build series. The project involves installing a VR38DETT from an R35 into a R34 Skyline V-Spec with a goal of producing 1,200+ horsepower. In this video the team tests the car at Powercruise. At that time the car was only capable of 2WD and the engine was turned down to 15 psi of boost resulting in 575 horsepower to the wheels. If this is what 90% of stage 1 looks like then I can’t wait to see what stage 2 brings.

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Source: MotiveDVD and MotiveDVD FB page

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