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Mikko Kataja Racing his 10,000+ rpm 4A-GE Powered Toyota Starlet at Schottenring

VHTRacing Engineering Toyota Starlet with a 4A-GE Inline-Four

Earlier this year Mikko Kataja from VHT Racing put his Toyota Starlet race car on the dyno to prepare for upcoming races. The naturally aspirated 4A-GE inline-four made 255 horsepower at 10,309 rpm on Aral Ultimate 102 octane fuel. The motor is paired with a Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox, carbon fiber driveshaft, and AE86 Corolla GT rear end with Cusco LSD. Watch Mikko compete at the KW Berg-Cup Schottenring in Schotten, Germany.

The video below is from inside the Starlet on training run #4. This was Mikko’s fastest at 1:24.583.

Source: VHTRacing and Rallyeszene

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