Nemesis 1967 Mustang Bound for SEMA

Nemesis 1967 Mustang

A new body kit is being developed for the 67-68 Mustang by 3G Services Inc for Nemesis Motorsports. The prototype will be revealed at the Nemesis Motorsports both at SEMA 2007 and could possibly be auctioned off at Barrett Jackson. Body kits will be available to customers in both Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass. The designer of the kit Hermance Design, drew inspiration from the 2005 GT-R concept and 2008 Shelby GT500KR concept trying to give the car a great general appeal by meshing all the important design cues from each car together. Competition Specialists will be rounding out the build team finishing bodywork and final assembly on this project. The Mustang will feature and Air Ride suspension system and custom one-off 18/19″ wheels as seen in the concept drawing. The engine being used for this swap is the powerful Roush 427R delivering 500 HP and 535 torque and will be hooked to a 6 speed T-56 transmission. Currently they are releasing details day by day as SEMA is coming up very soon and they are working day and night getting this car ready.

Rousch 427R Nemesis Mustang

67 Mustang Nemesis Progress

67 Mustang Nemesis Carbon Fiber Hood

There is talk a 67-69 Camaro body kit could be next. I am sure it will hang on the success of the Mustang body kit. But if it does well they would be crazy not to develop it. The popularity of 1st Gen. Camaros is very high.

Make sure to check out the progress of the project over at Lateral-G.

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  1. yo that car is sick im buying a 1969 mustang im wondering how i can make it look sick like this car cause this is awesome good job keep it up please reply

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