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Supra Mk3 with a Turbo 1.5JZ Makes 1502 hp on Dyno

Supra Mk3 with a turbo 1.5JZ inline-six

This Toyota Supra Mk3 visited Crispeed Tuned for a dyno tune. While there the turbocharged 3.2 L 1.5JZ inline-six built by South Florida Turbo & Engine made 1502 hp and 1073 lb-ft of torque on ethanol fuel. The motor features a 2JZ block, forged internals, 1JZ head, billet intake manifold, custom longtube header, and Precision 8685 turbocharger. It also uses 12 FIC 2150 cc injectors, Aeromotive 7.0 gpm fuel pump, and Haltech Elite 2500 ECU running off a custom wiring harness by Ilanboyz Wiring. Behind the motor is paired with a R154 dogbox transmission with a Tilton triple-disc clutch sending power to a Ford 8.8-inch independent rear end.

Supra Mk3 with a turbo 1.5JZ inline-six

dyno sheet of a turbo 1.5JZ inline-six making 1502 hp

Source: Crispeed Tuned FB page

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