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Fensport AWD Celica

This is Fensport’s sick AWD Gen.7 Celica . Fensport wanted to create an auto that had the capability to handle road courses and drag. They were able to secure a 7 TRD M Sport which is factory strengthened and lighter for racing.

The engine for this swap was a 3SGTE which can be found in the MR2 Turbo or Celica GT4. They increased displacement to 2.1L using a TTE Group ‘A’ block and stroker crankshaft. Engine upgrades also included Crower steel connecting rods with custom JE Forged Pistons, ARP Bolts, metal headgasket, and lightweight alloy pulleys, ported and flowed cylinder head with racing valves and double valve springs, TTE vernier pulleys and Piper/Fensport custom camshafts. The inlet manifold and fuel system is completely custom.

The turbocharger used is the Turbo Dynamics 2007 specification Garrett GT35/42 Ball bearing unit, mounted on a stainless steel tubular manifold, TIAL 44mm remote wastegate with screamer pipe.

The transmission is a Fensport Racing 5 speed straight cut and uses a Fensport Racing Triple plate clutch with lightweight flywheel. This setup can easily handle 200mph!

This Celica puts out somewhere near 576BHP and can pull a 10.38 1/4 mile @ 140mph. Make sure to check out the progress pics in their gallery.

Source: Super Street Online

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