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Coyote Swap Kit for Classic Fords

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

RRS (Revelation Racing Supplies) is a company in New South Wales, Australia building performance parts for 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Ford vehicles. Recently the company debuted their Coyote swap kit. This kit will allow you to install a Coyote based engine into Australian made Falcon XK-XF or Fairlane ZA-ZL and US made 1964–73 Mustang, 1970-77 Maverick, 1964-69 Comet, 1968-70 Torino, 1960-70 Falcon, 1962-70 Fairlane, 1967-70 Cougar, 1966-70 Ranchero or 1968-71 Montego. RRS has finished components ready for sale including engine mounts, under dash brake booster, shock tower notching kit, upper control arm and coil over struts, powered/manual rack and pinion, and frame rail supports. Products still in development are headers, gearbox interface, gearbox mount, full wiring kit, AC installation, closed loop fuel system, and air cleaner/intake system.

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

The company is currently building a Falcon XY project with an Aluminator XS and 4R70W four-speed automatic using components from their swap kit.

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

Ford Falcon XY with a Coyote Aluminator XS

RRS beaming and torsioning tests of a Ford Falcon XB

Below is the complete price list for the Falcon XY project along with the price of RRS swap parts. Prices for Ford parts will vary based on location.

PartsRRS PriceFord/Other Price
XS Aluminator motor$28,600
XS Aluminator computer$3,080
XS Aluminator air intake$440
XS Aluminator starter motor$550
Ford Racing 6 speed auto $9,900
RRS engine mounts$850
RRS custom sump & pick up$1,350
Twin fan radiator and hoses$450
Reservoir mounts$19
Adec clamps$20
Cooling system hoses overflow tank $520
RRS shock tower notching kit$290
Custom driveshaft$1,000
RRS chassis rail enhancement$280
RRS frame rail tie in$380
Internal transmission tunnel frame support$150
RRS Headers$1,490
Intermediate H pipe$150
Muffler tail pipes tips mounts and flange gaskets$450
RRS stealth under dash brake booster & master cylinder auto$2,390
RRS coilover strut (HO2)$3,690
RRS lower control arms$410
RRS bearing castor rod kit $455
RRS Phase 2 brake package $1,380
RRS Tiras$135
RRS Powered Gen6 rack$2,995
Electric power steering pump $1,350
A/C system & controller$980
AC condenser$180
Electric AC pump $2,390
Custom AC lines$650
Fuel Lines, Fuel Filter, Vapor Control, Fuel Pump $1,980
Dry cell battery & boot mounted wiring$600
RRS 3-link including diff housing$5,300.00
RRS diff center$2,800
RRS F100 axles$1,350
RRS rear disc kit 1$1,575
Consumerables, nuts, bolts, fastners, oil, coolant et$350

Source: RRS Performance Parts

18 thoughts on “Coyote Swap Kit for Classic Fords”

  1. As much as I admire the Coyote engine, and think it should be swapped into everything on the street, I’m not so sure about RRS.
    It appears from the photos they are going to use coil-over struts in the original shock towers which take up a lot of real estate where there is definitely a limited supply. When adding this much extra horse power there is almost always a need to swap some suspension parts for drivability’s sake.
    TCI (Total Cost Involved) has setups for Chevy and Ford muscle cars, pickups and street rods that remove the shock tower and increase the available room considerably.
    This page would probably even fit the Falcon they are working on…

    1. If you study the RRS strut suspension you will see it does mount to the top of the shock tower but most of the tower can be removed for engine clearance. This system allows the factory designed front end load on the towers instead of the frame rails. A Must.II setup puts the suspension stress on points that were not designed to carry the load. ( unless it is modified)
      The great thing about RRS is that the factory lower control arms and steering can be used. Most large engines in these chassis do not have clearance for a rack and pinion set up. The RRS system will work either way. I know that in my car with a ’70 Boss 302 and headers thT there is no way a rack will fit. The stock ’65 steering is real close but clears.

        1. Hi swaptastic,

          Did that got this response

          Sorry no RRS do not have an air conditioner unit to offer you at this time

            1. Looks like vantage air offer a kit for the coyote and also a small control unit as well but roughly 2k

          1. Autoworks Parts has many parts for the conversions even if they are not on their website. They are doing 3 Coyote swaps right now. I purchased my suspension from them too, they have the AC kits and many other parts you will need. The best customer service as well. On Instagram as Autoworksrestomod they have a twin turbo 64 Mustang with a coyote, check it out

            1. I just did this swap in my 70 Mach 1.

              You’ll have to fab a generic trans crossmember from somewhere like Speedway. They aren’t expensive, but you will have to cut/weld it to fit between your frame rails. You can use a stock 6R80 with the generic crossmember, but will likely have to elongate the holes into slots.

              Aside from that and the required trimming of the trans tunnel and likely the firewall as well, you can get a kit from Power By The Hour that includes the computer and harness for every generation of coyote that will work with the 6R80. Those go for ~$2,000. I know… pricey, but when it comes to this kind of swap, it’s the best option and their stuff is top notch.

            1. You will need to cut and create(butcher) your trans tunnel, no factory cousles. Otherwise, you will have the rear of trans angled way down creating excessive drivetrain angles/vibration.
              ford muscle had article on this swap with very same issue. Try a t600 trans, not as tall as a t56.

          2. I cut the tunnel out of a late model mustang and removed part of the firewall from the Falcon, then modified the Falcon floor pan to fit the tunnel. Worked out well enough to fit the Coyote motor with the 6R80 automatic. The shifter from the late model as well as the center console fit. I still have some fab work to do with the front of the console to match it up to the Falcon dash.

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