Nissan R32 GT-R with a Ford Falcon Body

Nissan R32 GT-R with a Ford Falcon body

This unique car stopped by RacePace Motorsport in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia for a dyno tune. Rod Langridge built it using a Ford Falcon XY sedan body over a Nissan R32 GT-R floorpan. This means the classic body covers a twin-turbo 2.6 L RB26DETT inline-six, ATTESA AWD drivetrain, and modern independent suspension. Since the car was … Read more

1960 Ford Falcon with a Coyote V8

1960 Ford Falcon with a Coyote V8

This pro-touring project called “Falcoonigan” was born from a desire to be different and a 1960 Ford Falcon purchased on eBay for $800. The owner started by building a custom chassis featuring a Fatman Fabrication Mustang II front suspension and 2015 Mustang GT independent rear suspension. He added custom floors, roll cage, and Ridetech adjustable … Read more

Ford Falcon with a Turbo VH41 V8

1984 Ford Falcon with a turbo VH41DE V8

Al from the Skid Factory recently reviewed a 1984 Ford Falcon XE he built for a friend several years ago. Al replaced the factory inline-six for a turbocharged 4.1 L Nissan VH41DE V8 that makes 497 horsepower to the wheels thanks to a BorgWarner S366 turbocharger. He mated the engine to a Nissan RE403A four-speed … Read more

1979 Ford Falcon with a Turbo Barra

1979 Ford Falcon with a turbo Barra inline-six

This 1979 Ford Falcon XD was built by Danny Probert at Xdrift Industries in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia to compete in drifting. Under the hood sits a turbocharged Barra inline-six from a 2016 Falcon FG that features Atomic Performance cams and girdle kit, Wilson 3-inch throttle body, Atomic dry sump with Peterson 4-stage pump, Garret … Read more