W12 Powered VW Delivery Van

The Volkswagen Type 147 or more commonly called a Fridolin, was built for commercial work use in Germany’s Post Office. They came from the factory with a 1.2L or 1.3L flat-four engine. This modified version comes from Tilburg, Netherlands with a 6.0L W12 engine and six-speed. The build thread was started in 2005 and has … Read more

Brody Goble’s Nissan S13 With A LS2

You are looking at Brody Goble’s new drift machine, a 240SX with a very powerful LS2. The GM V8 includes an 408ci Eagle stroker kit, L92 heads, COMP cams, FAST LSX-R plenum and 102mm throttle body, and MoTec ECU. This combo is good for 512 whp and 490 ft-lb of torque. I really like the … Read more

1930 Ford With A Supercharged Oldsmobile V8

This is “Little Miss Che-Vious”, a 1930 Ford Model A by Tony Lombardi from Niles, Ohio. It just recently won the Goodguys 2014 Tank’s Hot Rod of the Year award at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. What sets this award apart from the others is the participants have to drive 100 miles and run a eighth-mile … Read more

Twin-turbo V8 Volkswagen Golf

Just how much muscle can you squeeze into a small car? If you regularly follow this site you will know that there is no limit given enough time and effort/money. This story of this Volkswagen Golf R32 would indicate it had plenty of all three. The Golf was originally built by Peter Steinwandt of PSW … Read more