Mid-Engine V8 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Rhys Millen Racing is building a mid-engine RWD Hyundai Genesis coupe for SEMA 2009. The engine is the 4.6L V8 from a Genesis sedan. About the only change to the engine will be new pistons that should up the compression to 10.9:1 or possibly 11:1. Edmunds guesses the engine will be putting out around 450 … Read more

Two BMWs with 2JZ Supra Engines

Built by E-Shift Performance in New Jersey, this BMW E39 M5 sedan is powered by a single turbo 2JZ Toyota Supra engine. E-Shift Performance also built the other BMW swap which can be seen in the link below. There are a lot of comments over at Speedhunters. Most of the comments are… well negative. Source: … Read more

Thank You

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Wreck Racing’s 1UZ-FE V8 Powerd Miata

Wreck Racing Mazda Miata with a Toyota 1UZ V8

Wreck Racing is a student run automotive club at Georgia Tech. The team is comprised of undergraduate students all from different majors such as mechanical engineers, computer science majors, and electrical engineers. Each year Wreck Racing enters the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge. Each team can only spend the amount of money equal to the year it … Read more