Ford Boss 302 Crate Engine Now Available

Have you been wanting to use the 444 horsepower Boss 302 in your next project but cant wait for someone to make a mistake on the street? Ford Racing has now released the Boss 302 crate engine. The product # is M-6007-M50B and it will set you back $11,999. You will probably also want to … Read more

1966 Nova Wagon with Twin Turbo Duramax

Diesel engines are finding themselves in more engine swap projects recently. Here we have a 1966 Nova Wagon with a massive Duramax 6.6L V8 stuffed under the hood. The engine came out of a rolled 2006 Chevy 1-ton truck. With the engine taking up most of the room under the hood, the single factory turbo … Read more

Boggi’s RX-8 Update

Our friend from Iceland has given us an update on his RX8 project. He also gives some insight into his next project. Hi guy´s. I have done few things for RX8 like build a new engine in it. I´m running LS1 as before with lingenfelter heads, compression around 11,2:1, 3? exhaust system with Borla muffler … Read more

Lingenfelter LS7 TT Fifth Generation Camaro

Lingenfelter displayed their most powerful Camaro package at the 2011 Camaro5Fest. This fifth generation Camaro features a swapped 7.0L LS7 and two GT30R turbochargers good for 800 horsepower and 800 lbs-ft of torque. If you are interested in this package it will cost you $64,995. Source: TopSpeed and Lingenfelter