Dodge Caravan with a Helicopter Turboshaft

Dodge Caravan with a Helicopter Turboshaft

I doubt you can fit many groceries in the back of this Caravan anymore or any you don’t want toasted. Sitting behind the driver is a Rolls Royce Nimbus 105 that produces around 1,000 horsepower at 2100 rpm. You might think the propulsion is from the exhaust but this is a shaft driven turbine. So … Read more

Project Banshee: Mazda Miata with a Ford 302 V8

Project Banshee Mazda Miata with a Ford 302 V8

What’s better then a small car with V8 torque? Stacey David is finding that out with a new project on his TV show GearZ TV. The project involves installing a Ford 302 ci V8 into a first gen Mazda Miata. The inspiration for this was based off people asking him to feature a cheaper project … Read more

1974 Pantera with 412 TT

This 1974 DeTomaso Pantera has a 412 cubic inch aluminum engine with stainless steel headers and twin Turbonetics turbochargers. With 18 psi boost the owner was hoping for 1K HP but has only been able to get 600 HP due to some bugs. Other upgrades include adjustable control arms, Willwood brakes, custom 12 gallon Fuel … Read more

Engine Swap Discrimination

It seems Jalopnik writer Ben Wojdyla has some issues with Ralf Becker’s 1971 Pontiac LeMans. If you remember Ralf swapped the OEM engine with a Supra 7M-GTE. Sometimes you have to chock these type of posts to comment bait. Our take has always been there is no taboo in engine swaps. Remember variety is the … Read more

Mustang with RB25DET

JGYCustoms has taken the 1983 Mustang LX and dumped the original 4 cylinder motor for a Nissan RB25DET, making it one of the most unique Mustangs around. Currently the Mustang is getting roughly 550 HP from 21 lbs of boost. Modifications besides the engine swap where switching from a 4 lug to a 5 lug, … Read more

Twin Turbo LSX Volvo Wagon

This 1989 Volvo 745t normally came with a 4 cylinder turbo putting out around 150-200 HP. This car is a project of sorts for the owner’s father who was heavily in the Volvo community. The Volvo called “Volvette” has a 1999 LS1 with twin turbos, 6 speed transmission (probably T-56), custom intercooler, bumper off a … Read more