1994 Integra with Mid-Engine H22A4

This mid-engine H22A4 Integra featured on Honda-Tech.com is a very impressive swap created by RaceCity_USA. The amount of work going into this shows from the length of the project. The thread starts Sept. 2004 and continues with dyno testing in May 2007. There are a total of 105 pages he makes reference to on the … Read more

1963 TT Mid-Engine Corvette Coming to SEMA 07

The boys over at American Super Car Inc. are going to try to steal the show at SEMA this year. Their solution to wow everyone is a 1963 Corvette with a Mid-engine 1,000 HP twin turbo LSX engine swap and a paddle-shifted Mendeola transaxle. The car is built over a complete ladder-type tube chassis with … Read more

1971 Datsun Bluebird with SR20DET

Ted Lo purchased a 1971 Datsun Bluebird from a friend in Japan. After it being shipped to the US he spent a bunch of time upgrading this car. There are around 24 of these bluebirds in America and this one has a ’99 SR20DET. It also has the S15 6-speed transmission, differential from a turbo … Read more

Infiniti G35 with a RB26DETT

James Evans of JE Import Performance built this RB26DETT powered G35 after the previous engine blew from too much Nitrous. The current setup offers 625 whp from swapping the twin turbos for a single PTE GT4067R turbo with 18 psi boost. They also used the RB26 all-wheel drive transmission converted to RWD only and upgraded … Read more


BBS has just added a new wheel to their Gold series called the LM-R. The main difference is this uses their patented “back milling” process to remove excess material from within the spoke edge. The idea being it makes the spoke a kind of I-beam; sort of like those used in buildings. This allows for … Read more