Ecotec 750HP Formula

We were able to run across a document detailing GM’s quest to build a 800 HP Ecotec engine published by Turbo & High-tech Perfomance Magazine in March of 2002.. GM assembled a team of engine builders and racers headed by Stephen Bothwell to see if they could reach this high power level with many outsiders … Read more

Aprilia V4 Motorcycle Engine

Aprilia is doing final longevity testing on their new 1.0L V4 motorcycle engine which can produce 220 horsepower. This power level will beat out every other production street bike on earth in HP. The development of this engine came from the street level interest in the MotoGP racing. Most bikes run a V4 engine and … Read more

Killer Customs’ 1966 Nova

Killer Customs 1966 Nova

Killer Customs has taken a sedate 1966 Nova and turned it into a serious ride for a very happy customer. Based out of British Columbia Canada, Killer Customs works on just about anything with wheels. They can handle swaps, forced induction, bodywork, paint, suspension, you name it and they can do it. Just about nothing … Read more

Nemesis 1967 Mustang Bound for SEMA

A new body kit is being developed for the 67-68 Mustang by 3G Services Inc for Nemesis Motorsports. The prototype will be revealed at the Nemesis Motorsports both at SEMA 2007 and could possibly be auctioned off at Barrett Jackson. Body kits will be available to customers in both Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass. The designer … Read more

Full Tattoo Paint Job on Lamborghini

We usually don’t post non engine swap post here but this one was just too interesting to pass up. This really can not be called a paint job as it seems this Lamborghini was all done by a marker but the skill is still there. Plus it must have taken some serious time to finish … Read more

V12 Twin Turbo Motorcycle

What do you get when you mix drugs, alcohol, loud music and a Jaguar V12 engine? Well you get the Jagged Edge. The bike has only one gear and does currently tops out at 120mph. Normally the owner builds trikes but built this bike off of spare parts lying around his shop. The bike is … Read more