Scion xB with Turbo 2JZ

Want to see a Scion xB smoke the rear tires easily? Papadakis Racing swapped a Supra 2JZ engine into this xB along with converting it to RWD. For more pictures please check source links. Source: Smog Check via CarDomain blog

1968 Corvette with a Diesel Inline-Six

1968 Corvette with a 5.9 L Cummins diesel inline-six

Ryan Lusk decided to stuff a 5.9 L Cummins diesel inline-six into his 1968 Corvette. Why did he do such a unique swap? The Corvette was purchased with severe damage in the rear from a collision. He rebuilt the back half of the chassis with a four-link suspension and Ford 9″ rear end. Ryan ran … Read more

1991 NSX with a Turbo K20A2

1991 NSX with a Turbo K20A2

STMPO, which makes aftermarket products for the NSX, decided they wanted to build a time attack car. After doing their research on different power plants they ended up choosing to drop the factory C30A V6 for a K20A2 with a final goal of making 700 horsepower and 500 lbs/ft torque. Another goal was to keep … Read more

Stolen Honda Returned with Engine Swap

After three years a teacher gets her 1996 Honda Accord back with a H22 engine swap and was also converted to manual transmission. Want a good laugh? Check this article which seems to confuse “VTEC” with “V8”. Source: Huffington Post via Carscoop

1987 BMW with Nissan RB26

It is always fun to read people’s comments on a swap such as this. BMW purists will absolutely hate this swap. Either way this owner decided to take a 1987 BMW 325IS and swap a Nissan RB26DETT into it. The BMW uses a modified RB26DETT transmission and an E30 M3 LSD. I sure hope the … Read more