White Zombie: Little Electric 1972 Datsun

White Zombie is the nickname given by John Wayland to his 1972 Datsun with two forklift electric motors swapped into it. The car draws a charge off of 36 12-volt batteries placed in the trunk and back seat. With the two electric motors White Zombie can do a 11.9 second 1/4 mile at 109 mph. … Read more

1978 Civic with a Supercharged V8

We found this post over at hondaswap.com showing off a drag 1978 Civic with a supercharged V8. We don’t know much about this car but it looks pretty cool with those slicks tucked up under the fiberglass body and most of the supercharger above the hood line. This really is more like a very short … Read more

Ford Flathead Swap Kit for Ford Tractors

Ford N-series tractor with a Flathead V8

StaufferV8 offers a conversion kit to install a Ford Flathead V8 into a Ford 9N, 2N, and 8N tractors. The kit works with any Flathead from a 1948-1953 Ford/Mercury truck or 1949-1953 Ford/Mercury car and large spline (10 or 11-inch) clutch and Flathead flywheel pressure plate. Update 7-28-2019: The kit is sold by Awesome Henry. … Read more

S2000 Project from Twins Turbo

Turbodano has posted a thread over at Honda-Tech showing off a new project from the Twins Turbo crew. Not too much is known besides they are taking an S2000 and putting in a single Borg Warner S366 or S370 turbo on a 2JZ-GTE. You can tell from the images there was a bunch of body … Read more