1997 Prelude with a Turbo K20

1997 Honda Prelude with a turbo K20 inline-four

Dominik Przystasz wanted more power out of his 1997 Honda Prelude. He originally planned on a turbocharger kit but realized he wanted something a little more unique. So Dominik sent the Prelude to Łukasz Szymański and his company Empire Racing Engineering in Stare Babice, Poland for an engine swap. Łukasz replaced the factory 2.2 L … Read more

Honda Prelude with a 2.2 L H22A Inline-Four

Honda Prelude with a H22A inline-four

Rich Voaden and his first generation Honda Prelude called “MR X” became the first guest car invited to celebrate Retropower‘s 10th birthday. The honor is well deserved as Rich invested a lot of time and effort making the little car capable on and off the track. The car features a fully built 2.2 L H22A … Read more

For Sale: 2001 Prelude with a J32 V6

2001 Prelude with a J32 V6

This 2001 Honda Prelude is for sale on eBay in Walnut Creek, California with a current bid of $3,075 and the reserve not met. Under the carbon fiber hood sits a 3.2 L J32A1 V6 that makes 225 horsepower and 217 lb-ft of torque and five-speed automatic transmission from a 2001 Acura CL. The seller … Read more

RWD Honda Prelude with a Turbo Mercedes Inline-Four

RWD Honda Prelude with a turbo M111 inline-four

Peuek Szorstki converted his Honda Prelude to a drift machine thanks to a full powertrain and suspension swap. Under the hood sits a Mercedes M111 inline-four that originally came with a supercharger but now has a turbocharger making 0.8 bar (11.6 psi) of boost for about 200 horsepower. The car rides on Opel Omega B … Read more

For Sale: Twin-Engine Honda Prelude

2000 Honda Prelude with twin H22A4 engines

This unique twin-engine 2000 Honda Prelude was built in 2009 by a team of mechanical engineers for a senior project at Oregon Institute of Technology. The seller sponsored the project and with his team spent 1,000 hours in research and labor. The engine in the trunk is the same 2.2 L H22A4 found in the … Read more