2JZ Powered Nissan Skyline R32

Here we have a drag Nissan R32 which still has an inline-six engine except made by Toyota. Interesting they still running twin turbos on the 2JZ instead of a huge single one. Source: UAE Warriors via tip from ESD reader Sam

LSx Engine Swap Kit for BRZ/FR-S Being Developed

Weapons Grade Performance LSx swap kit for Toyota FRS and Subaru BRZ

Weapons Grade Performance revealed on their Facebook page they are working on a LSx engine swap kit for the Subaru BRZ/Toyota FR-S platform while updating progress on their LSx swapped BRZ project. The subframe and other swap parts are going to be our little secret until we release the kit 😉 Update 8/18/2016 – Weapons … Read more

BMW Z4 with a Dodge SRT-10 V10

BMW Z4 with a Viper V10

Someone in Germany is working on stuffing an 8.3L V10 Viper engine from a Dodge Ram SRT-10 into a BMW Z4. Just about every part of this car is being reinforced or upgraded to handle the torque. I can’t wait to see it finished. Source: BMW-Sydikat via ZPost

UK Driver’s Engine Swap Gets Him Fined

One UK driver learned the hard way engine swaps can get you into trouble with the law and insurance companies. When the police pulled over Daniel Phelps they must have realized his Ford Escort had some modifications. Under the hood they found an engine swap and “super exhaust.” The UK must have some serious exhaust … Read more