Nissan Pulsar with Ferrari F355 V8

Take a Nissan Pulsar and give it a Ferrari 3.5L V8 from a F355 and you get this. A decent amount of work went into this engine swap. Anytime you take a FWD car and switch it to a RWD mid-engine setup you are looking at some serious work. Some commenters have stated it has … Read more

2.8L V8 From Two Hayabusa Engines

I have been seeing a lot of talk recently using two motorcycle engines to make a V8 engine and swapping this into really light cars. Hartley Enterprises is a company who has developed the H1 being currently used in the DP1. The H1 currently weights 200 lbs and with 170 CID delivers 400HP @ 10KRPM … Read more

1962 VW Bus with TT Porsche 993 mentioned this 1962 VW Bus powered by a 408 hp twin-turbo Porsche 993 engine. The creators of the swap included a six-speed transmission, vented brakes, full independent suspension, full race frame, and 3-piece 18-inch BBS wheels. The objective as stated on their website was to transplant as much of the 993’s internals as possible … Read more

1994 Integra with Mid-Engine H22A4

This mid-engine H22A4 Integra featured on is a very impressive swap created by RaceCity_USA. The amount of work going into this shows from the length of the project. The thread starts Sept. 2004 and continues with dyno testing in May 2007. There are a total of 105 pages he makes reference to on the … Read more

1963 TT Mid-Engine Corvette Coming to SEMA 07

The boys over at American Super Car Inc. are going to try to steal the show at SEMA this year. Their solution to wow everyone is a 1963 Corvette with a Mid-engine 1,000 HP twin turbo LSX engine swap and a paddle-shifted Mendeola transaxle. The car is built over a complete ladder-type tube chassis with … Read more

1971 Datsun Bluebird with SR20DET

Ted Lo purchased a 1971 Datsun Bluebird from a friend in Japan. After it being shipped to the US he spent a bunch of time upgrading this car. There are around 24 of these bluebirds in America and this one has a ’99 SR20DET. It also has the S15 6-speed transmission, differential from a turbo … Read more