Hod Rod’s Coyote Engine Swap Guide Part Two

Hod Rod Magazine has followed up its previous Coyote engine swap guide with another. This one deals with three projects using the Coyote engine, a 1966 Mustang, a 1986 Mustang notchback, and a 1956 Ford Thunderbird. Check out the link below for more details. Source: Hot Rod

Hod Rod’s Coyote V8 Engine Swap Guide

This is a nice article from Hod Rod Magazine going over a lot of good information and possible issues you might run into when using a Ford Coyote in a swap. The 5.0L engine produces 412 horsepower and you can find it in all 2011 or newer Mustang V8 models. The article estimates the average … Read more

Future Camless Engines

Drive has produced several great videos showing behind the scenes at Koenigsegg. This video talks about engines using valve actuators instead of camshafts. The benefits of using valve actuators are many. The size of a four-cyclinder engine reduces in size to a three-cyclinder engine when removing the camshafts. Koenigsegg estimates when the technology fully matures, … Read more

BMW X3 M Triple Turbo Straight Six

BMW’s new X3 M will carry a slightly modified 2012 BMW M3 engine. The rumor is the motor will be a 3.2L straight-six and might have three turbos (one electric and two exhaust) and produce around 449 bhp. Source: CarMagazine.co.uk via Motor Authority

Ford Boss 302 Crate Engine Now Available

Have you been wanting to use the 444 horsepower Boss 302 in your next project but cant wait for someone to make a mistake on the street? Ford Racing has now released the Boss 302 crate engine. The product # is M-6007-M50B and it will set you back $11,999. You will probably also want to … Read more