Fiat 600 with a BMW Motorcycle Engine

Fiat 600 with a BMW S1000RR inline-four

Tihomir Acimic and his son Jovan Acimic compete in hill climb with their custom race car. Some sources say it’s a Fiat 600 and others say it’s a Zastava 750. The Zastava 750 is a licensed Fiat 600 built by Zavod Crvena Zastava in Serbia so either way they are very similar. The body rides … Read more

1959 Fiat 600 With Mazda 12A Rotary

Rotary engines are not known for their torque but in a car that weighs only 1,600 lbs it really doesn’t matter. This is a 1959 Fiat 600 with a 220 horsepower Mazda 12A rotary engine from an early generation Mazda RX-7. The engine runs Dellorto carbs with ITBs and is connected to a four-speed Volkswagen … Read more