Gunbus: Motorcycle Meets Airplane

When I first came across this article from Autoblog I thought it was very creative using an airplane engine in a motorcycle. After further reading I realized the engine was roughly 410 cubic inches. The first image is deceiving and you get a greater understanding of how to fit an engine that big on a … Read more

Quadracycle with a 425 hp Small-Block V8

Quadracycle with a 383 ci Chevy small-block V8

Bourget’s Bike Works debuted their Shredder F-80 at SEMA 2007. This becomes the first limited production V8 powered quadracycle on earth. They describe it as a mesh between a sports car and motorcycle for those who want crazy speed but do not have enough balance for a motorcycle. The cycle has a 383 ci Chevy … Read more

Aprilia V4 Motorcycle Engine

Aprilia is doing final longevity testing on their new 1.0L V4 motorcycle engine which can produce 220 horsepower. This power level will beat out every other production street bike on earth in HP. The development of this engine came from the street level interest in the MotoGP racing. Most bikes run a V4 engine and … Read more

V12 Twin Turbo Motorcycle

What do you get when you mix drugs, alcohol, loud music and a Jaguar V12 engine? Well you get the Jagged Edge. The bike has only one gear and does currently tops out at 120mph. Normally the owner builds trikes but built this bike off of spare parts lying around his shop. The bike is … Read more

2.8L V8 From Two Hayabusa Engines

I have been seeing a lot of talk recently using two motorcycle engines to make a V8 engine and swapping this into really light cars. Hartley Enterprises is a company who has developed the H1 being currently used in the DP1. The H1 currently weights 200 lbs and with 170 CID delivers 400HP @ 10KRPM … Read more