Building a 1993 Mustang with a Turbo Barra Inline-Six

1993 Mustang with a turbo Barra inline-six

This 1993 Mustang called “Red Stallion” is being built by Chris Nieves at Nieves Speed Shop in Florida. The Foxbody currently has a naturally-aspirated BF Barra motor with a modified BA/BF front sump oil pan. It sits on custom motor mounts and UPR tubular K-member lowered one inch with spacers. Once the swap is sorted, … Read more

Foxbody Mustang with a Turbo K20

Foxbody Mustang with a turbo Honda K20 inline-four

Richard Swan is building his Foxbody Mustang for the street and track. While that isn’t particular unusual, his method is. The engine is a Honda 2.0 L K20Z3 inline-four featuring a Holset HX35 turbocharger and custom intake and exhaust manifolds. Power will be sent to the rear wheels through a Miata five-speed manual transmission and … Read more

1987 Mustang with a Turbo 4G63

1987 Mustang with a turbo 4G63 inline-four

This 1987 Mustang was built by Sam DeMartino at his company Forced Induction Pros. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 2.0 L 4G63 inline-four built by Charles Toby Cunningham. It features R&R aluminum rods, Wiesco 9:1 HD pistons, factory crank, Fueltech FT500, custom harness, and Forced Performance FP4205 (76mm) turbocharger. The engine is fed fuel … Read more

1967 Mustang with a Mid-Engine Honda J35 V6

1967 Mustang with a Mid-Engine J35 V6

Dead Horse Beaters is a 24 Hours of LeMons race team from Connecticut. The team competes in a 1967 Mustang called “Samurai Pony” built in 2017. The project started with a Mustang shell found in a field for $1,000 that originally came with an inline-six. They welded the front clip from a 2004 Honda Accord … Read more