Acura NSX with a Turbo K20 Update

Acura NSX with a Turbo Honda K20

After eight months of work Brandon Wilbur is ready to debut his Acura NSX to the world. When we last wrote about the NSX it was waiting on a new paint job and a few small things. Brandon has since finished the car and painted it black with black wheels. The color choice seems to … Read more

Acura NSX with a Supercharged C32

1991 Acura NSX with a Supercharged C32B V6

Car stereo company Clarion started a new division several years ago with the goal of restoring cars. Their first project was restoring a beautiful 1974 BMW 2002 to a very high level. For their second project they took a 1991 Acura NSX with 240,000 miles and not only restored it but also upgraded almost every … Read more

Acura NSX With LoveFab’s Pikes Peak Engine

LoveFab built an amazing NSX for Pikes Peak 2012 that featured a 1,056 horsepower monster 3.0 L V6. The car achieved a second place in the Unlimited class that year. Soon after that Paul Coffman contacts LoveFab for a turbo kit but since they were switching to a LSx powerplant for 2013 he ended up … Read more

1991 NSX with a Turbo K20A2

1991 NSX with a Turbo K20A2

STMPO, which makes aftermarket products for the NSX, decided they wanted to build a time attack car. After doing their research on different power plants they ended up choosing to drop the factory C30A V6 for a K20A2 with a final goal of making 700 horsepower and 500 lbs/ft torque. Another goal was to keep … Read more

Honda NSX with a LS7 V8

After racing this 1991 NSX for six years in mostly NASA & NSX-only events, Ms. Badwrench Racing decided to build what they call “the Ultimate NSX Hybrid“. They were going to take the factory Honda C30A V6 and replace it with a GM LS7 V8. Their goal was to make a streetable car that resembled … Read more