Integra Type R with a Mid-Engine NSX V6

RWD Honda Integra with a mid-engine NSX C30 V6

This 1999 Integra Type R (DC2) was built by Speed Science in Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand. In back of the car sits a 3.0 L C30A V6, six-speed manual transmission, subframe, suspension, and brakes from a first generation Honda NSX. The team enjoyed the naturally aspirated motor for a few years but recently wanted to … Read more

RWD Integra with a Mid-Engine V6

Acura Integra with a mid-engine J32 V6

This 1996 Acura Integra was built by Brayan Ramirez and friends. The team transformed the project in two months from a $100 shell into what you see. Behind the driver and custom firewall sits a 3.2 L J32A2 V6 with a six-speed manual transmission. The engine makes 247 horsepower and 208 lb-ft of torque naturally … Read more

RWD Acura RSX with a Turbo K-Series Inline-Four

RWD Acura RSX with a turbo K-series inline-four

Jo Ludwig converted his Acura RSX to rear-wheel drive thanks to work by MA Motorsports, Zury Fabrications, and Dylan Hughes. The car is powered by a turbocharged K-series inline-four featuring a BorgWarner EFR7064 turbocharger and dry sump system. The engine sits on S2000 K-series mounts by Innovative Mounts and a modified Nissan 240SX S14 front … Read more

Honda Integra with a Turbo K24

Honda Integra with a turbo K24 inline-four

Elusive Racing won 1st place in the Clubsprint class at WTAC 2018 with Brett Dickie behind wheel of their Honda Integra DC2 race car. The car is powered by a built Honda K24 inline-four that makes 600 horsepower at 20 psi (1.4bar) of boost from a BorgWarner EFR9180 turbocharger and controlled by an Emtron ECU. … Read more