Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

It can be difficult trying to buy a present for an automotive enthusiast. This is a small list of products and services we have come across over the past two years. We hope it helps. Click here for the gift list.

Jay Leno Repairs Engine Block with Lock-N-Stitch System

Jay Leno riding a 1913 Christie fire engine with a 20 L four-cylinder

In Jay Leno’s recent restoration update video he explains how a rod went through the block of a 20.0 L four-cylinder powered 1913 Christie fire engine. Instead of throwing the block away his team decided to repair a large hole with Lock-N-Stitch repair system. Some reading this article might know about the process since the … Read more

Hedman LS Swap Kits

Hedman Hedders has just released a new set of LS swap kits. The kits are available for 1964-1967 A-body, 1967-1969 F-body, 1970-1981 F-body, 1978-1987 G-body, or 1983-1992 S10/Blazer. Packages either include the hedders, engine / trans mounts, or both. You can not order them directly from Hedman but will have to go through another dealer. … Read more

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Carbon fiber is finding its way into every product car related these days. Now it seems carbon fiber is now being used in wheel production. WheelsandMore 20″ wheels weight only 13 lbs compared to a typical 20″ alloy which could weight as much as 40lbs. These wheels don’t come cheap. WheelsandMore is charging $30K for … Read more

1000 HP APS Twin Turbo LS1 Kit

As the title says Air Power Systems has developed a twin turbo kit which will shoot the horsepower from 505 to 1100 increasing the power 218%. They also offer turbo kits for C5 Corvettes, Pontiac GTOs, Mitsubishi Lancers, Nissan 350z, Infiniti G35, and many Subaru.