The Racing Monster Called Bugzilla

Bugzilla 1970 VW Bug with a supercharged Ecotec inline-four

The Volkswagen Beetle’s design, weight, and abundant numbers makes it a popular choice for racing. Sean Mckillop agreed when he purchased a 1970 Bug five years ago and transformed it into the autocross monster called Bugzilla. Sean’s goal from the beginning was a street-legal race car with a mid-engine layout. This meant the factory chassis … Read more

For Sale: 1965 VW Beetle with a Turbo EJ25

1965 VW Beelte with a Turbo EJ25

This 1965 Volkswagen Beetle is for sale on eBay in Damascus, Oregon with a reserve. The project was completed in 2013 by an employee at Radium Engineering. Power comes from a 2.5 L EJ-series flat-four with a EJ25 block, Port Flow heads, Crower 264 camshafts, RC 1000 cc injectors, Garrett GT3076R, and AEM ECU. Behind … Read more